About Us

Easy Fishing Tackle, a family-run business, was founded by Brian Edwards with the vision of providing an extensive range of fishing gear to assist anglers in catching their dream fish. With a profound passion for fishing, boating, and everything related to water, Brian has dedicated the past four decades to these pursuits. His love for fishing began in his childhood, accompanied by his parents, and now, he feels fortunate to pass on this passion to his own children.

In addition to running Easy Fishing Tackle, Brian also owns and operates Easy Skippers Tickets, a platform that offers boating education and training to individuals. This endeavour has provided him with an additional avenue to share his vast knowledge and experience, inspiring young people to explore the world of fishing. Brian’s spare time is often spent fishing in the local waters of Mandurah Perth and Rottnest.

However, he also indulges in competing in game fishing competitions off the coast of Exmouth and Broome in Western Australia. Furthermore, he eagerly explores the waters of Indonesia, broadening his knowledge and gaining valuable experience using various fishing methods and products.

Brian’s experiences encompass a wide range of fishing styles, including beach fishing, balloon fishing, marlin fishing, and both pelagic and demersal fishing. With such a wealth of knowledge and experience, it was an obvious choice for Brian to share his expertise and establish a tackle shop. Here, he can offer products that translate his insights into effective tools for fellow fishermen, enhancing their chances of a successful catch.